Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canvas #25, By-the-Lake Park, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Kevin writes: Autumn is a fantastic season. I enjoy being outside any time, but fall is special. My favorite outdoor places are private with few human visitors. I chose By The Lake Park to share positivity because it is a beautiful outdoor space complete with many human visitors.

I love Kevin's image of the fall harvest time in Alberta. It's such a gorgeous time to be on the Prairies! I happen to know that Kevin used a very interesting technique in this piece of art. Kevin works in the construction industry, and he noticed that the goop he used for sealing windows was a beautiful sky blue colour. So he scooped some up and slapped in on his canvas! How innovative and definitely an example of this project in action: focusing on the little beauties around you.

P.S. Kevin is my dad.

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