Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canvas #194: Starbucks, Peru, Illinois, USA

 I have to start this post with an apology. This canvas got lost in my e-mail and I forgot to post it. :(

Jill writes, Here's my Canvas #194.  It's dropoff location is at Starbucks in Peru, IL which is about 1 hour south of Chicago on Rte. 80.  Hopefully my little painting will give someone a smile and a reason for some endorphin-inducing chocolate indulgence. (-;

You can find more of my artwork at www.facebook.com/jillhejl, www.facebook.com/jujubeanart, or on my blog (which I just started!) at www.livedrawpaint.blogspot.com.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate!

Please visit Jill's websites to see more of her art!

She also included this post script, one of the art groups I belong to, OAL--the Ottawa Art League (in Illinois, not Canada) is planning on doing the Blank Canvas project now after I posted that pic to my facebook page.  Hope they get in touch with you soon (thinking they may discuss it at the beginning of Jan. at their monthly meeting.)

Your project is a big hit!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Canvas #177: Found!

Deb found Canvas #177 in a school library!

Here's her picture:

She said she was "confused" when she found it. :)

Canvas #212: Gateway Church, Keller, Texas, USA

Madeleine from Texas writes, I still hadn't thought of an idea for my canvas when I got it in the mail. Then one night it just hit me! I remembered how when I was about thirteen I would draw this free-form music note pattern thing on like EVERYTHING! I was just so in love with it! So I decided to put it on my canvas!  To me, the the free-form music notes just seem like a perfect combination of art and music.  It draws your attention.

She says, I left my canvas in my church, Gateway Church, and I'm hoping it will draw someone out of a normal day and inspire them to do something different and creative!

    I really really love this whole project!

And I really really love your canvas, Madie!

Canvas #207: FOUND!

I only just now discovered this:

I love that Santina's piece has spread so much love! I've had a bunch of people sign up because of Nourish's posting. By the way, that restaurant looks delicious. If I'm ever in Victoria, I'll definitely be hitting it up!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canvas #234: a classroom, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Katherine is a teacher on call (substitute teacher).

Katherine writes, Today was Valentine's day so I thought it would be a good day to leave my canvas. I left. It in the desk of the teacher I was in for. Lately I've been working with pastels and just sketching and I've enjoyed the effect it makes. I hope to someday so this project with my future class :)

Wouldn't that be an amazing surprise for the teacher coming back from a sick day? Well done, Katherine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canvas #219: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lena is an elementary school teacher in Vancouver and creator and designer of Mosie's Cozies. She writes, When I received my canvas yesterday in the mail, I was in the midst of putting ideas together on Pinterest for my daughter's first birthday in May.  Instantly, I used this as my inspiration for my artwork.  She is a little blonde baby now, and I pictured her in a few years as a toddler.  With this image in my head, I transferred it onto the canvas.

Just this morning, my husband, my daughter Monroe, and I went for a walk to the Vancouver Art Gallery and placed the picture on the front steps.  We walked away and watched from a distance and I was delighted to witness a student from a class on a field trip pick it up to examine what it was.  She read the back and quickly went to her friends to show them her finding.  I was thrilled to see the excitement it sparked in these kids.

Isn't Monroe the greatest name?! And what an adorable baby!!

It's so amazing to hear about the kids who found the canvas. This is exactly what this project is designed to do. I wonder if those kids had a different perception of the creativity evident at the Vancouver Art Gallery than they would have before they saw Lena's canvas?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canvas #207: Nourish Garden Bistro, Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Santina made this gorgeous piece.

Santina writes, The piece is called "Year of the Serpent With Love". As the time neared Chinese New Year I was drawn to create something pertaining to the year of the serpent although I wanted it to look like an old existing piece. It turned out to look like an old tile. The colours were muted by having a layer of tissue paper over the piece.

This morning I was heading over to try a quaint place for brunch out in a country setting. The food was wonderful, the company blissful and I decided that this was the perfect location for my little piece to leave my hands. I left it on the table after we finished next to the tulip and the candle! My brunch called Sleeping Beauty was the most unusual pancakes I've ever had, made of oatmeal, served with apple sauce and coconut cream...yummy!
Enjoy it.

She even left a photo of her brunch! Now you're making us hungry, Santina!

Don't you love Santina's technique with the tissue paper?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Canvas #148: Chinook Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Can you believe the awesome of this?! Mikee made Grumpy Cat!!!

She says, After a tumultuous winter season in my life, I wanted to find an inspiration for my canvas that made me smile. Tardar Sauce the Grumpy cat became my muse and I pencilled a sketch of him on Canvas 148.

I left him in an empty hallway of Chinook Mall in Calgary, took this snap and walked away hoping to make someone else smile.

This is so awesome. Thanks, Mikee!

Canvas #119: EEEL building, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kesia said, It took me a while to decide what to do on my canvas, and where I wanted to put it. I finally placed my canvas in the EEEL building at the University of Calgary. I wanted my canvas to make people think about something we take for granted: Freedom. I think we are really fortunate to live in a country where we have so many freedoms, from freedom of speech and religion to the freedom we have to explore and be ourselves and have fun. The freedom we have in Canada saves us from a lot of worries. I used words I found in a newspaper (freedom of press) that I thought represented freedoms, like "home," "fun," "innovation," and glued them to the canvas that I had painted black. Over all of this I painted the word "FREE" in my favourite colour of blue. I left my canvas in the newest building at the University of Calgary because a wide variety of classes are held there, and lots of students wait for the bus there. One of the freedoms we have is our access to schooling. I want people to see my canvas take a moment to be grateful for the freedoms we have and appreciate them.

Loving Kesia's idea! Well done, Kesia!