Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canvas #219: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Lena is an elementary school teacher in Vancouver and creator and designer of Mosie's Cozies. She writes, When I received my canvas yesterday in the mail, I was in the midst of putting ideas together on Pinterest for my daughter's first birthday in May.  Instantly, I used this as my inspiration for my artwork.  She is a little blonde baby now, and I pictured her in a few years as a toddler.  With this image in my head, I transferred it onto the canvas.

Just this morning, my husband, my daughter Monroe, and I went for a walk to the Vancouver Art Gallery and placed the picture on the front steps.  We walked away and watched from a distance and I was delighted to witness a student from a class on a field trip pick it up to examine what it was.  She read the back and quickly went to her friends to show them her finding.  I was thrilled to see the excitement it sparked in these kids.

Isn't Monroe the greatest name?! And what an adorable baby!!

It's so amazing to hear about the kids who found the canvas. This is exactly what this project is designed to do. I wonder if those kids had a different perception of the creativity evident at the Vancouver Art Gallery than they would have before they saw Lena's canvas?

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