Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Canvas #140: Art Gallery of Calgary / Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Catherine has created such a lovely piece for the project, and left it in such a cool place, too!

Catherine writes, I am an educator at a contemporary gallery in Calgary (The AGC), and we were hosting a Family Fun day where kids would be coming in with their guardians to draw their ideal Halloween costumes.  I placed the canvas on the table along with some children's Halloween books and all sorts of art materials. 

I was inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead Masks.  I wanted to show that even past the point of living on Earth that there are still things that live on--Love for example!  Although it was a bit morbid to choose Death Masks, I thought that in the spirit of Halloween, that this would be a recognizable symbol of things that live beyond death.  "Love is Eternal" is hopefully a message that resonates with many as something positive and inspirational.

Later I placed the canvas in the mouth of the Lion at the gates of the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center but unfortunately I haven't seen anything on the website of it being found...yet!

All the imagery and symbolism in Catherine's piece is great, isn't it? And how awesome is it that Catherine left it at her gallery for kids to see?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Canvas #206: outside Velvet Olive, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

This is such a cool canvas. I think it's unlike anything else we've had created for The Blank Canvas Project so far, and I absolutely love it.

Daniel writes, My idea started with a button I like. A robot above "do not self destruct". Wise words from a button bound robot! The button is detachable, so the finder can wear said button during the day and return it to it's holding place for safe keeping at night, while dreaming about their new favourite painting. I abandoned or passed on my painting near the entrance to my favourite third home. All of the best that Red Deer has to offer come to plot against all the worst. A place for original music and bright ideas. It often contains people I greatly admire and some that I love. Thank you Erin, for allowing me to participate in your project! Every bit of the process was fun.

  I love all the photos Daniel sent! Isn't that little robot awesome?!?!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Canvas #204: the old court house, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Erin is an art teacher in Red Deer who created this beautiful bird art for the project.

In Erin's words, I learned about your project from the mom of a little girl that was in my 4 to 6 year old art class, and thought it sounded like fun! I left my piece of art outside of the Old Court House in downtown Red Deer, where I teach art classes out of. It was gone within an hour! I hope he flew away to a good home.
I hope so, too Erin! Incidentally, if you're stopping by here because you found Erin's canvas, please drop us a line! We'd love to hear your story!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Canvas #3: a Free People store, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am so happy this is our first post of 2013! Miranda is one of my former students who is now in college for graphic design and arts, which definitely suits her creative nature. She's one of those people you remember years after you met her - she's funny, quirky, wise beyond her years, an incredible writer, and a beautiful artist. I am so lucky I get to keep tabs on her on Facebook years after she stopped being my student. :)

Miranda's canvas sends a simple but effective message.

Here's what Miranda says: I snuck this canvas onto the reception desk of 'Free People', and I hope the people who shop there can appreciate the message!

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