Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canvas #s 235 & 341: Calgary Farmer's Market, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It's been a really long time since I made a canvas, and so this afternoon, I sat down and found myself creating not one, but two! I was headed to the farmer's market later that afternoon, so both canvases were inspired by local products and produce.
It says, "You have seeds of greatness inside you. Today can be your new beginning. Today could be the start of something amazing." - Joel Osteen

This one says, "Enjoy what you create. Look more. Read more. Explore. Make mistakes friends. Be ethical & never stop learning."

I hope someone looking for heirloom tomatoes comes away with much more than that!

Here's what I came away with: Fresh BC cherries!

- Erin

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Canvas #215: FOUND!

Danica wrote to share that she and her little brother found Canvas #215 in a park called Old Orchard Park. I have it listed as belonging to Ms. Croy, who asked for a bunch of canvases for her class, but never received an e-mail from her, telling her story! So it's a mystery as to who actually made this canvas!

Here's what Danica said, My 8 year old brother found this and asked me if he could keep it, I asked if there was a name on it.He said no so I said "Why not?" He got so excited and I was happy to see him so happy so in the end everybody was happy! When we got home he told our parents and we put it up in his room. We found this awhile back, but I just saw the back and I checked out the website and I noticed that mine didn't say "this is for you on it" Maybe it came off? Anyways this was really cool and I was happy to see my brother happy so thank you :)