Saturday, September 28, 2013

Canvas #340: The Mint, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I don't know Amanda, but I get a clear picture of her through her words and art. I think Amanda is a vibrant young woman who seems to bring a bit of joy wherever she goes. I've seen crayon art before, but Amanda did such an incredible job blending the colours, and I absolutely love the message she pasted on top. What a delightful surprise for someone to find!

She writes, My name is Amanda, and I received my canvas a couple of months ago where I live in Calgary, AB. I did my artwork on it and left in the city I was visiting, Victoria, BC. I have a couple of in-progress photos, and couple of my canvas where I left it.

I wanted to make my canvas as colourful and bright as possible. By taping some coloured wax crayons above my canvas and then blow drying them, I created what looks like a rainbow exploding on my canvas. After letting the wax dry, I cut some letters out of the newspaper and glued them to the canvas. I said "love your life," because when I think about spreading a message of positivity, I think about making sure that everyone in the world is happy and appreciates the life that they have, and lives that life to its fullest.

I left my canvas in a lovely lunch place on Douglas Street of Victoria, BC, called The Mint. I had a delicious curry chicken wrap there (twice, I might add), and I just thought the place was so cute and enjoyed myself so much that I decided to leave my canvas there. I hope someone finds it and that people enjoyed the message my artwork was trying to spread.

Thanks so much for participating, Amanda!