Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canvas #25, By-the-Lake Park, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Kevin writes: Autumn is a fantastic season. I enjoy being outside any time, but fall is special. My favorite outdoor places are private with few human visitors. I chose By The Lake Park to share positivity because it is a beautiful outdoor space complete with many human visitors.

I love Kevin's image of the fall harvest time in Alberta. It's such a gorgeous time to be on the Prairies! I happen to know that Kevin used a very interesting technique in this piece of art. Kevin works in the construction industry, and he noticed that the goop he used for sealing windows was a beautiful sky blue colour. So he scooped some up and slapped in on his canvas! How innovative and definitely an example of this project in action: focusing on the little beauties around you.

P.S. Kevin is my dad.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Canvas #28, a senior's home, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

Judy is a lovely artist! Here's what she's said about her piece: I call it "Country Afternoon-Just For You".  It will be going to a seniors home where my daughter works.  She'll be placing it in the dining room and I'm hoping the residents will enjoy the memories and the thoughts behind the painting. I enjoyed the BCP and think it is a wonderful idea.  Now I hope someone will like my painting well enough to make it theirs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Found: Canvas #13

Lauren writes: I had just gotten off of work (a physically demanding restaurant job), and was literally limping in pain toward the Redline train station to go home, when I noticed this bright little thing on the ground. 

There are many artsy little shops in this part of Hollywood, so when I realized it was a canvas (and tiny easel), my first reaction was "oh no, someone dropped their art purchase!" I picked it up and looked around to see if anyone was looking about for something, but the area was just full of people dressed up and heading into clubs and restaurants. So I flipped the canvas over, and on the back it said "Yep, i left this here for you :)" I was so touched. Work is always so demanding, and when I found the canvas, it absolutely made my day. 

I just graduated, last May, with a degree in Art History, and already have one in Art, so art is one of my great passions, and i felt so honored to have been the lucky person who found this treasure. It is a beautiful piece - hot pink and blue, with some black and white; textural black markings against the greater area of bright colors. It is mostly abstract, with twists of black vines and leaves coming up from the bottom, up along the right side. It think it might be ink or marker. I love it, it's a complete gem. 

I've only lived in Los Angeles for a month, and it made me feel so welcome. Thank you, mystery artist! I will absolutely make one myself and try to brighten someone else's day.

I love this, Lauren. This is precisely what I hoped the Blank Canvas Project would do!

Canvas #13: next to Bela Lugosi, Hollywood, California, USA

[Editor's note: I know I shouldn't show bias, but I I think this is my favourite canvas yet!]
Kim says: I don't have much to say about this piece and where it ended up, other than  the empty canvas sat in my house forever, and I had no interest in it, nor did I have a clue what to do with it.  Until one morning, I woke up, grabbed a paint pen, and started doodling.  That night I met up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in years, who was visiting from LA.  Five minutes into seeing him, I asked him to take it and leave it somewhere for me, and the next day, it ended up next to Bela Lugosi!

Though Kim says she didn't have much to say, I think the placement of her canvas is a great example of serendipity!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Canvases #7, 8, and 9: Various locations, Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Anne and her granddaughters painted some canvases together.  I love this activity as a way of connecting together!

The blue/green picture is a 6 year old letting her inner artist out.  She has a natural love of flowers, but sadly she shares her father's allergies to flowers. Her picture has been placed on a light base in  the parking lot of Leduc Recreation Centre.

The picture of a girl and horse is a self portrait of the 11 year old, who fell in love with the mighty horse at the age of 3, replacing the cow of her younger days.  Her picture is in a planter in the Telford House parking lot, also in Leduc.

Anne placed hers beside a bush beside the path way from parking to Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert.

Leduc is one lucky city to have all those canvases bringing it love!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Canvas #114, Cosmetology classroom, Ermineskin Junior Senior High School, Hobbema, Alberta, Canada

Lori teaches cosmetology at a school in Hobbema, Alberta.

This art piece is displayed in my classroom, so that my students have positive energy surrounding them.  It tells them that it's okay to dream, believe and inspire whom ever they come in contact with.  Not to be afraid to think outside of the box.  Lots of my students have dreams of getting off the reserve [Lori teaches on a First Nations reserve] and going to college/university or even trade school.

What a beautiful way to inspire your students, Lori!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Found: Canvas #29

Sarah found Tessa's lovely little canvas in the University of Lethbridge library. She said, "This was so surprising to find! I was closing the library and thought someone left their amazing art project behind. At 11pm on a Wednesday, I really did need to be told I was important. Thank you! :)"

This is exactly what I hope the Blank Canvas Project does: brings something important to someone who needs it just at exactly the right moment.

Canvas # 35, Millet Public Library, Millet, Alberta, Canada

Sandi's little canvas found a new home in the public library! Could you imagine finding a little piece of art between books about holy ghosts and podcasting?

Sandi says: "Well I know I used an old Beatles line, but I've been coming to the realization lately that love really IS all there is."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canvas # 29: University of Lethbridge Library, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Tessa says:

I have attached the photo of my canvas, as well as where I left it (in the university library). I really enjoyed doing the project and as a student teacher, I am going to do a similair project with my grade 4/5 class. Thank you for inspiring me :)

 No, Tessa: Thanks for inspiring us!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Canvas #126: Found!

Rinama found Canvas #126 shortly after it was placed. Here's what she had to say:

"When I found this it was pitch dark and I was with my two friends. When I went back to my house and saw it in real light, it was amazing! I'm 13 and think it today was the luckiest day, because I found this canvas. Who ever painted it you have talent! With this canvas my eyes will be more open to the world and my surrounding's."

Thanks for your story, Rinama! If anyone else has made their way to this site because you found one of our canvases, we encourage you to leave us a note in the "I Found a Canvas!" tab.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Canvas #126: a park, Evergreen, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This project is meant to bring communities together. So I decided to put my canvas in my community. One of the things I love about my neighbourhood is it's right on the South-West edge of this big city. In ten minutes, I was in the country. Look:

This evening, I walked over to a park nearby. I wanted to leave my canvas in a place where people convene, so this was perfect. Kids come here to play.

My canvas is a painting of clouds. Alberta in the fall is so beautiful. The sky is Alberta's biggest asset, I think. It's huge and blue and gorgeous. And I think that so often, people don't notice it. Because it's always there. Because we take advantage of the fact that it will always be there.

I hope my canvas inspires people to notice what's around them. On my walk home from the park, I noticed a pretty wreath on a neighbour's door. I glanced into a window on my way past, and saw two kids sprawled on the couch, watching TV. I saw a pretty cat, perching on a fence post.

Notice. Pause. Stop. Slow down. Your life will be so much richer for it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canvas #19: Found!

One of our canvases was found!

Darci wrote to us, showing us the photo she took of Canvas #19, in the River Valley in Edmonton.

Darci says: "Thank you to the artist for making my day! What a wonderful project!!"

Canvas #19, River Valley, Edmonton, Alberta

I grew up in St. Albert, AB but spent much of my time in Edmonton, especially visiting my grandparents on my Mom's side. They lived in an apartment on Jasper avenue facing the River Valley. My Opa (grandpa in German) has since passed, but my wonderful Oma still resides there and just had her 91st birthday. She is doing very well and every time I go to visit her I am astounded by how strong of a woman she is and her view on the world is always enlightening to me.

Her and my Opa used to walk the River Valley everyday and my family joined them frequently. It was a very special place to them, and when my Opa passed away, my Oma spread his ashes along the river.

I have fond memories of these steps from when I was younger; this area means so much to me not only because of my wonderful grandparents, but because of the great energy here. Every time I come here I am reminded of how important it is to feel active, youthful, social, solitude, a sense of belonging and to cherish the memories while we still can. Also, it is important to appreciate the scenery while it is still there and before the time comes that we may no longer be able to do so.

Life is a beautiful thing that we have the privilege to experience, so do things that are important to you now because the chance doesn't last forever.

Canvas #17, Lake Agnes hiking trail, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

This is my canvas. I left it on the Lake Agnes trail in Lake Louise on the way up to the Teahouse. It belongs in the open air where is so natural to take in a deep breath. It's a bit tough to see, but it says "Breath it all in. Love it all out." and has a red glittery heart. Why? Because above all things I believe in love. And I don't mean romantic love between two women, two men, a man and a woman or any such variation, I mean that feeling in your gut. The one that you feel when you see one human treat another with tenderness, compassion, empathy. The one you feel when you see two people embrace at the arrivals gate at the airport. The one that you feel when you see someone pick up a stray kitten and give it some milk. That's what I mean by love. And this world lacks that reminder on a daily basis. We get caught up with being busy, and competitive, and making money, and producing hate.

This is my simple reminder to the world to take a moment to slow down and love.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Canvas #11, Calgary Jewish Centre Cafe, Calgary, Alberta

Julia started out by using her fingerprints to leave her own personal stamp.  Using glitter glue, she created a heart and then asked for some sugar.  As she sprinkled the sugar on top of the heart, she watched in amazement as it transformed the heart, then caused all of the colours to blend together.  The end result?  A reminder that the smallest change can transform something into the unexpected.  When Julia was finished, she said "Mommy? The best part about being an artist is not knowing how my painting is going to turn out."  Life is sweet...