Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canvas #19, River Valley, Edmonton, Alberta

I grew up in St. Albert, AB but spent much of my time in Edmonton, especially visiting my grandparents on my Mom's side. They lived in an apartment on Jasper avenue facing the River Valley. My Opa (grandpa in German) has since passed, but my wonderful Oma still resides there and just had her 91st birthday. She is doing very well and every time I go to visit her I am astounded by how strong of a woman she is and her view on the world is always enlightening to me.

Her and my Opa used to walk the River Valley everyday and my family joined them frequently. It was a very special place to them, and when my Opa passed away, my Oma spread his ashes along the river.

I have fond memories of these steps from when I was younger; this area means so much to me not only because of my wonderful grandparents, but because of the great energy here. Every time I come here I am reminded of how important it is to feel active, youthful, social, solitude, a sense of belonging and to cherish the memories while we still can. Also, it is important to appreciate the scenery while it is still there and before the time comes that we may no longer be able to do so.

Life is a beautiful thing that we have the privilege to experience, so do things that are important to you now because the chance doesn't last forever.

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