About Me

August 2012

My name is Erin Quinn and I'm a teacher and graduate student at the University of Calgary in the Creativity in Educational Practice program. This art project is an assignment for this program.

In order to ask my students to be creative, I need to be willing to be creative myself, so this project is my experiment with that. I took this idea through many iterations until it became what it is now. In the beginning, it was going to be a project where I would mail blank canvases to strangers around the world and ask them to create something. But then I went through some more brainstorming, and the project became what it is today. I am happy with this iteration because I am excited to see this project bringing positivity to communities. I can't wait to see what happens when people find a little piece of art in public!

I am so excited to see where it goes, and how it is received.

I wonder...
  • Who will participate?
  • Why will they participate?
  • What will they create?
  • What message will the artists send?
  • Where will they place their piece of art?
  • Who will view the art?
  • Will the viewers want to participate too?
  • How far reaching will the project become?
  • Will it span around the world?
Thanks for stopping by here. I am so glad you came!

Love and positivity,


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