Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Canvas #48: Strathcona Public Library, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kristen made this lovely jeweled owl!

Kristen says, I created this "Bejeweled Owl" because I felt it was something that would make people smile.  I thought for a long time about different messages to write on this canvas, but in the end just decided to create something beautiful - a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I chose to leave my canvas at the Strathcona Public Library in Edmonton.  I placed it outside the door so that anyone walking in to the building would definitely see my little owl.  I love the library and spend a lot of time there... I just feel it is a beautifully intellectual place that deserves some artwork to brighten it up a bit more on the surface.

You know what I love about this project? All the different interpretations of what "positive" means.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Canvas # 124: A flower shop, Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada

Tasha says, I made this while coloring with my kids. I put it up at a little flower shop called Affairs of the Heart in Blackfalds, Alberta. My girlfriend works there and was super supportive of spreading the love.

It looks like a stained glass window. Beautiful!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


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Canvas # 115, Harrisville Play Park, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Phyllis and her grandson created this lovely little piece. Love the message!

Phyllis says: Enjoyed your project, my grandson helped me and we placed in the Harrisville Play Park, Moncton, NB. She also said her grandson's daycare group went to the park after they had placed it and took it home! I think a daycare is a GREAT place for this piece of art!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canvas #33, a bus stop, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Amanda wanted to keep her canvas close to home: I decided to put it in front of my house! There's a bus stop there and so people will see it.


Canvas # 34, Starbucks, Calgary, Alberta, Canad

Marcie sent a simple but profound message via her canvas.

In Marcie's words: When I got the canvas in the mail, I wanted to send a message out that I felt would be meaningful for others.  I wanted to let anyone who found it know that they are important.  I wonder if sometimes people might question their value in this vast world of ours.  I believe that everyone is important and has something valuable to contribute to those around them, whether they recognize it or not.  So, that is why I chose this remind people that they are valuable...are of great importance...and make meaningful contributions to others.

I left it at a Starbucks close to my home.  I often stop there in the mornings or hold meetings there so it seemed like a good place to leave my canvas.  When I returned to the Starbucks two days later, I noticed that the canvas was no longer there.  I hope it has found a happy home.  

I don't doubt that it HAS found a great home!

Canvas # 18, Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Krissie made this lovely mixed-media piece.
Krissie says: I heard the words that I put on my canvas about a year ago.  I found them to be a perfect combination of letters to describe how I aspire to live my life. I left my canvas on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton on the street so that people who walked by could see it, find it, and feel connected in this universe.

How lovely is Krissie hanging out with her canvas, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Canvases #128, 129, and 130, a freight elevator, a hockey rink, and TBA, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jason and his two kids, Josh, and Jacob, all decided to participate in the Blank Canvas Project. I love Jason's reason for participating:

I decided to participate to help teach my children about positivity and inspiring others.  The idea behind my canvas was simple in order to illustrate to my children that something does not need to be artistically technical in order to inspire.  I was impressed how my kids embraced the idea after initially being hesitant about giving away their art work.

I left my canvas in the freight elevator at work.  I chose this because this is the space where the cleaning staff would most likely to find it.

The boys with their dad's painting.
Josh created this project on his own at the kitchen table and was inspired by his Dad's canvas.  While carrying it across the house in order to show his Mom, he dropped it and it fell face down on the ground.  After picking it up and examining his work, he was pleasantly surprised to see how the fall had positively transformed his piece of art. "Mom, look! Now it looks like there are leaves on it!"

Josh decided to leave his canvas at the hockey rink.

Jacob did his art as a finger painting, which is unlike his brother or father who used brushes.  Jacob is a thinker and is still trying to decide where he should leave his art.  We will update you once his canvas has found a home :)

Here's all three canvases, hanging out together:

I love how all three are similar but clearly different. Here's to dads teaching their kids that creativity is important!