Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canvas # 34, Starbucks, Calgary, Alberta, Canad

Marcie sent a simple but profound message via her canvas.

In Marcie's words: When I got the canvas in the mail, I wanted to send a message out that I felt would be meaningful for others.  I wanted to let anyone who found it know that they are important.  I wonder if sometimes people might question their value in this vast world of ours.  I believe that everyone is important and has something valuable to contribute to those around them, whether they recognize it or not.  So, that is why I chose this remind people that they are valuable...are of great importance...and make meaningful contributions to others.

I left it at a Starbucks close to my home.  I often stop there in the mornings or hold meetings there so it seemed like a good place to leave my canvas.  When I returned to the Starbucks two days later, I noticed that the canvas was no longer there.  I hope it has found a happy home.  

I don't doubt that it HAS found a great home!

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