Thursday, October 4, 2012

Canvases #128, 129, and 130, a freight elevator, a hockey rink, and TBA, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jason and his two kids, Josh, and Jacob, all decided to participate in the Blank Canvas Project. I love Jason's reason for participating:

I decided to participate to help teach my children about positivity and inspiring others.  The idea behind my canvas was simple in order to illustrate to my children that something does not need to be artistically technical in order to inspire.  I was impressed how my kids embraced the idea after initially being hesitant about giving away their art work.

I left my canvas in the freight elevator at work.  I chose this because this is the space where the cleaning staff would most likely to find it.

The boys with their dad's painting.
Josh created this project on his own at the kitchen table and was inspired by his Dad's canvas.  While carrying it across the house in order to show his Mom, he dropped it and it fell face down on the ground.  After picking it up and examining his work, he was pleasantly surprised to see how the fall had positively transformed his piece of art. "Mom, look! Now it looks like there are leaves on it!"

Josh decided to leave his canvas at the hockey rink.

Jacob did his art as a finger painting, which is unlike his brother or father who used brushes.  Jacob is a thinker and is still trying to decide where he should leave his art.  We will update you once his canvas has found a home :)

Here's all three canvases, hanging out together:

I love how all three are similar but clearly different. Here's to dads teaching their kids that creativity is important!

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