The Project

The Blank Canvas Project is designed to get people to be creative and to spread positivity in their communities.

The project is simple. Click the "Participate" tab to send in your personal information. I will send you a small canvas. In turn, you are asked to create a piece of art, with the aim of spreading positivity, within a month of receiving the canvas.

Then - and here's the fun part - put your art in a public place, and snap a photo of it hanging out there. The goal is that someone will find your art and keep it, or leave it for others. Your art will inspire others to be creative too, and the message on the back of your canvas will encourage others to sign up to spread more positivity. The joy of creating and the joy of art will spread through your community!

Once you've snapped your picture, please send it to us. We'll show it on our site - and your art will have an even broader audience than just that one public place you left it in.


  1. If you would like to participate in the Blank Canvas Project, please go to the "Participate" page and follow the instructions there.
  2. Once you have received your canvas, create a piece of art on it. Your piece of art can be of anything and made of any materials, but please remember our goal to spread positivity. How can you add to the beauty of your community? How can you spread a good message? How can you help the world be a better place? If you're stuck, see the "Help!" page for some tips on how to engage in the creative process.
  3. When your canvas is done, you are going to have to bid it goodbye! But don't worry, it'll be going to a better place! Find a spot in a public place for your canvas. Where will you put it? You are clever - find somewhere secret where it might be a bit unexpected, where it might jolt people out of the monotony of their every day lives.
  4. Place the canvas in its new home. Now QUICK! Take a picture!
  5. Blow your canvas a little kiss and know that it is about to bring joy to other peoples' lives.
  6. Now send us your photograph, along with any other comments you want us to know about regarding what you made, why you made it, where you left it, or whatever else you're burning to tell us (and the world). Send your photo to Please do this within a month of receiving your canvas.
  7.  We will post your photo, as well as any accompanying text, on this website. And people who find your art may just comment on your post! What fun!

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