Thursday, September 27, 2012

Found: Canvas #13

Lauren writes: I had just gotten off of work (a physically demanding restaurant job), and was literally limping in pain toward the Redline train station to go home, when I noticed this bright little thing on the ground. 

There are many artsy little shops in this part of Hollywood, so when I realized it was a canvas (and tiny easel), my first reaction was "oh no, someone dropped their art purchase!" I picked it up and looked around to see if anyone was looking about for something, but the area was just full of people dressed up and heading into clubs and restaurants. So I flipped the canvas over, and on the back it said "Yep, i left this here for you :)" I was so touched. Work is always so demanding, and when I found the canvas, it absolutely made my day. 

I just graduated, last May, with a degree in Art History, and already have one in Art, so art is one of my great passions, and i felt so honored to have been the lucky person who found this treasure. It is a beautiful piece - hot pink and blue, with some black and white; textural black markings against the greater area of bright colors. It is mostly abstract, with twists of black vines and leaves coming up from the bottom, up along the right side. It think it might be ink or marker. I love it, it's a complete gem. 

I've only lived in Los Angeles for a month, and it made me feel so welcome. Thank you, mystery artist! I will absolutely make one myself and try to brighten someone else's day.

I love this, Lauren. This is precisely what I hoped the Blank Canvas Project would do!

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