Monday, September 24, 2012

Canvases #7, 8, and 9: Various locations, Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Anne and her granddaughters painted some canvases together.  I love this activity as a way of connecting together!

The blue/green picture is a 6 year old letting her inner artist out.  She has a natural love of flowers, but sadly she shares her father's allergies to flowers. Her picture has been placed on a light base in  the parking lot of Leduc Recreation Centre.

The picture of a girl and horse is a self portrait of the 11 year old, who fell in love with the mighty horse at the age of 3, replacing the cow of her younger days.  Her picture is in a planter in the Telford House parking lot, also in Leduc.

Anne placed hers beside a bush beside the path way from parking to Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert.

Leduc is one lucky city to have all those canvases bringing it love!

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