Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canvas #207: Nourish Garden Bistro, Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Santina made this gorgeous piece.

Santina writes, The piece is called "Year of the Serpent With Love". As the time neared Chinese New Year I was drawn to create something pertaining to the year of the serpent although I wanted it to look like an old existing piece. It turned out to look like an old tile. The colours were muted by having a layer of tissue paper over the piece.

This morning I was heading over to try a quaint place for brunch out in a country setting. The food was wonderful, the company blissful and I decided that this was the perfect location for my little piece to leave my hands. I left it on the table after we finished next to the tulip and the candle! My brunch called Sleeping Beauty was the most unusual pancakes I've ever had, made of oatmeal, served with apple sauce and coconut cream...yummy!
Enjoy it.

She even left a photo of her brunch! Now you're making us hungry, Santina!

Don't you love Santina's technique with the tissue paper?

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