Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Canvas #36: a library, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Molly made this gorgeous canvas as a reminder to the students at the university where she works.

Molly says, I left it at work this evening - sitting on a table in the U of C Library link, near the top of the escalator, where students often relax, hang out with their friends, wait to meet someone or have a nap.

It took me a while to commit to a message.  At first I wanted to say "the truth will set you free" but decided it was too personal and maybe not quite positive.  The message I settled on will be, I hope, inspiring and reassuring at the same time.  Leaving it for students to see is personal - the message is an anthem from my youthful student days.

Now that its finally completed, I feel like doing a series to leave in public places.  I wonder if this is what graffiti artists feel.

I've been thinking about the comparison to a graffiti artist, too, Molly. I think the comparison is quite apt! I certainly felt a bit of a rush when I left mine in public. And I wondered how people would respond to my art, which I'm sure street artists wonder too.

I sure hope a student who needs a pick-me-up finds the canvas at just the right time.

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