Monday, November 5, 2012

Canvas #24: Found

Paul e-mailed to let us know he'd found Kelsey's canvas on the boardwalk in Halifax. He included this photo:
 He also asked, Am I allowed to take it? Probably not. ;(

I quickly e-mailed him back saying, YES you CAN take it! It's there for YOU!

Paul e-mailed me back saying he went back the next day and the canvas was gone (but oddly, the easel was still there!). This just reinforced something I've suspected about this project since day one: people don't know if they should take the art, or leave it, or in some situations, like in libraries and coffee shops, if it's part of the decor and supposed to be there. So I decided to get some tiny labels printed, which will grace the easels from this point on. See?

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