Sunday, November 11, 2012

Canvas #2: outside a regiment, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Arusha is a creative girl, with an amazing artistic talent.

Here's what she says about her canvas: So I have been waiting for inspiration to hit before I got to work on my little canvas, and today, it finally came. I was sitting in a Remembrance Day service that my choir was participating in, and the minister said something that really got me thinking. It got me thinking about war, politics, technology, and life in general. Here is what he said:

In a world where justice has not rolled down as waters,
nor righteousness as a mighty stream,
where knowledge floods in,
but there is only a trickle of wisdom,
hear our prayer.

I painted two poppies in the corner of the canvas, thinking that in areas of war flowers can still grow, just as there can be bits of wisdom in the craziness that can be in the world. On days like today I pray wisdom for leaders in the world, particularly someone like Obama who wields so much power.

Arusha says, I put this little guy outside of the regiment down the street. Hopefully the rain doesn't get it! And I hope they take it inside and find it a home :) I wrote the above text on the back of it.

What a beautiful message of peace, Arusha.

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