Monday, November 5, 2012

Canvas #24: the board walk, Halifax Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kelsey has such a lovely story to share about her canvas.

She says, last September I packed up my life in Edmonton and moved across the country to start law school in Halifax. Like most of my classmates, I had no idea what I was doing and was completely overwhelmed in the first few days.

Looking upon the 70 terrified students in their first week of law school, my prof paused before starting her lecture to provide a bit of advice on being successful in the next few years: Make sure you sleep. Continue to eat. Read literature. Take days off. Help each other. See friends. In essence, be kind to yourself.

14 months later, I often recall these words and the importance of being kind to myself.

To have a meaningful positive impact in my community, I must ensure I have the capacity to do so. Which means allowing myself to take time away from life's obligations and relax.

I painted the canvas with acrylic paint in the same style as a my current art project. Taking the occasional painting break is one way in which I am kind to myself.

That other piece is gorgeous, isn't it?

I left my little canvas on the boardwalk at the Halifax Harbour. For me, the ocean tends to put life in its proper perspective: it's almost impossible feel overwhelmed when standing next to a giant ocean.

How beautiful was that?!

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