Monday, November 19, 2012

Canvas #27: ATC Center, Rundle Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Look at this gorgeous canvas that Julie made!

She says, I took it to the ATC center at Rundle Park in Edmonton. This center provides activities and a pool open to the public and but it also provides recreation for disabled individuals.
At the main building where the DATS buses load and unload individuals with wheelchairs. In front of the building are to park benches where I placed my canvas. Because we had a foot of snow yesterday I chose this location rather than along one of the trails because I was concerned the canvas would be lost in the snow.

After placing the canvas, I took my dog Stryder for a walk along the trails,  about a half an hour later we returned and walked by the park bench and the canvas was gone! It gave me a very warm fuzzy feeling on a cool day!

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