Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Canvas #288: Prima Strada restaurant, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Alison's story is so great. I love the lessons she's teaching her kids through their participation in the Blank Canvas Project!

Alison writes, We are a family of four, with two boys, ages 2 and a half and four months old. We want to ensure that as we raise our kids we are teaching them about Happiness and the concept of that by doing nice things for others, not only is it the 'right' thing to do, it is a sure fire way to increase  your own happiness.  We also want to promote contributing to our community.  

I saw a post about this project on Facebook and it seemed like a great way to demonstrate this to our toddler, and walk the talk

We painted a pizza, as food is also a big part of our family.  We love to eat and cook together and pizza is a favorite.  To make sure we were all apart of it, we made tomatoes with all of our fingerprints (there was paint everywhere, and it was great!).  

We placed it at our favorite restaurant, Prima Strada, Victoria BC - we have had great meals there as a family, and with friends.  The best part is they give our toddler pizza dough to play with at the table, and has brought so much happiness to him with this simple gesture.  We now often make pizza at home, and enjoy many moments of throwing the dough in the air singing 'Mama Mia, Pizzeria'.  We wanted to give back to the restaurant with the canvas to say 'Thank you'.  We took it last night, had a great meal with good friends, and left it in the middle of the room when the servers were not looking.  The best part was we talked about it all week to our toddler, about how we were making the world a more beautiful place, and how we were doing it as a surprise, and 'just because' - not for any credit, or anything in return.  He loved it, and was very proud (we had a great chat about it this morning at breakfast)

Thank you for the wonderful idea and helping create a fun moment and lesson for our family.

Aren't the fingerprint tomatoes the best idea ever!? I love it!

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