Sunday, March 17, 2013

Canvas #41: University of Victoria Library, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am so sorry for the radio silence here the past couple of weeks. I had a couple of canvases waiting in my inbox to be posted but I had to finish my report cards, which is an enormous task indeed. So you lucky readers will get to see a few new canvases over the next few days.

Mary Jo went one step beyond and attached a little gift to her canvas!


Mary Jo's story is such a great one. She writes, I was inspired by a group of first year university students who commented that many students on campus are feeling a great deal of stress. I thought I would try to add a bit of joy to the day of those students who crossed paths with my canvas. So, I painted my canvas sea blue, added the word "JOY" to trigger a positive thought, adjusted the easel to prop up the canvas and cradle a beautiful moon shell that I found on the beach. 

For those who are curious enough to pick up the shell and take a closer look, they will find a small scroll inside with the following words: 

Although this wave is stringing us along 
Just know you are not alone. 
Pay no mind to the demons that fill you with fear. 
Settle down it will all come clear. 
Just know you are not alone.
(adapted from Greg Holden lyrics "Home")

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  1. I left mine on the other side of this desk! No joke!