Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Canvas #310: Angel's Heaven Guest House, Thulokharka, Nepal

Wow. Just wow. Murphy's canvas traveled all the way from Calgary to Nepal, and found its home there. Murphy tells it best. Here's his story:

Traveling to the other side of the world on a two week field trip with 22 students from Calgary may not sound like the best idea to some, but I can honestly say that my recent adventure to Nepal with a group of fantastic grade 11 and 12 students was a phenomenal experience.  The trip included working in an orphanage for 6 days, building playgrounds and relationships with 45 amazing Nepali children, three days in Hong Kong being tourists and three days trekking and relaxing in the Pokhara/Annapurna range area of central Nepal.  All told, it was truly an experience of positivity so it stands to reason that I would leave my canvas behind during part of the trip.  After carrying it around and regularly having it on display with me (hotels and dining tables, etc) it was time to bid my painting goodbye at the Angel's Heaven Guest House dining room at Australian Camp (Thulokharka) Nepal.  It may be tough to notice with the majestic Himalayas rising in the distance but if you find it, take a minute to spread the positivity.

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