Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Canvases #237 - 255, all over the place, mostly in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

This is, without a doubt, my FAVOURITE post yet.

Jasmine is a teacher who decided to do the Blank Canvas Project with her students. I've had several teachers approach me about doing the project with their classes. Since the budget for this project comes from my own pocket, what I propose to teachers is that I send them the labels for the back of the canvases, and they take care of getting the canvases and easels.

Here's Jasmine's story. After hearing about the Blank Canvas project through a friend I knew that this would be a wonderful message to send to my students. I am currently a first year grade ¾ French Immersion teacher in Merritt, BC.  I thought it was an inspiring project that would really cultivate some positivity in the class. 

Initially my students were upset that they would have to give up their precious canvases but once we took the time to look at examples on the website and read some of the stories, my students were inspired. They were excited to see that they could potentially make somebody’s day all the better with a small message. I liked hearing how much thought that they were putting into their tiny canvas and also the thought that went into the potential placement. Some wanted to leave them at retirement homes, take them on their family trip to the USA, leave them at Tim Horton’s or even leave one at the Ronald McDonald house. Students also wrote a small piece to accompany their art project and to explain why their art sent a positive or happy message. I was so pleased with how this project turned out and I hope some lucky people in the community of Merritt find a small bit of happiness in their day when they find these canvases. Our class had 19 canvases all together numbered 237-255. The majority should be placed throughout Merritt, BC. Others may be placed outside of this area.

 Here are some of Jasmine's students' canvases:

Love this so, so much! Thank you very much to Ms. Currie's class!!!

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