Saturday, December 8, 2012

Canvas #177: a park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sandy is a beautiful artist who's been re-experimenting with her creative side in the past few months.

She said, I have much to share with you about this process. The act of painting my canvas took several days as I had to wait for drying between layers, which in some ways is metaphorical when I think about spreading beauty and positivity around the world. I knew that I wanted there to be depth because I think beauty and positivity run deep within people. I believe that people are inherently beautiful, kind and compassionate, however sometimes it requires the uncovering of several layers. I knew I wanted to create an artwork that was about tiny glimmers of hope intermingled with wide open windows.

The location I chose to leave my canvas is at a playground just blocks away from my home in Calgary. I took my canvas out while I was running errands in hopes that I would find the perfect spot. As I drove by the playground I was struck by the blue and red equipment against the backdrop of snow and grey sky. The blue of the slide so closely resembled the top layer of my painting and the yellow peaking through like the sun so I placed it on the steps leading up to the slide. I am apprehensive about whether or not it made it through the snow fall today, or maybe someone found it last night. I can only hope. : )

What an interesting design! I love Sandy's canvas. She's told me, since she placed her canvas, that she revisited the spot she left it, and found it buried in the snow. She thinks she'll place it somewhere else and see what happens.

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