Monday, December 17, 2012

Canvas #119: a grocery store, Portland, Oregon, USA

Look at Nicole's gorgeous canvas!!

Nicole says, I live in Portland, Oregon USA, and we are in the throes of our 9 month rainy season, so when I thought about making something to bring a little happiness into the world I quickly thought of Thailand. I was luck enough to spend most of December 2011 there and the thoughts of my days on Koh Pi Pi always make me smile. I figured sunny beaches and whimsical boats might brighten some other Portlanders day as well.

I had to stop by the grocery store today for a couple of things and it was just a madhouse full of holiday shoppers and screaming babies. As I walked through the holiday card aisle, I thought "what better place to leave my canvas?" So there it sits. I couldn't help but walk by on my way out to see if anyone had picked it up, but there it sat with shoppers on either side. Here's hoping it finds a good home for the holidays!

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