Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Canvas #292: a dentist's office, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ginny is a hilarious, incredibly warm woman who is currently battling cancer. Ginny writes, I am so sorry that it has taken me months - not 1 month like it should have - to finally finish my canvas and take it somewhere to give it away. I just had the worst time liking what I'd begun and so then I'd scrape it all off and begin again- I did that process 3 times!!!! I'm hoping that maybe you'll accept my excuse: I was awfully sick with my Chemo treatments. I spent days at a time, during each 3 week treatment cycle, lying in bed sleeping and watching TV. I was extremely exhausted like nothing I've ever felt before - for 3, 4 or sometimes days 5 in those weeks, to get up out of bed and down the stairs from my bedroom to the main floor and then back up to bed was more that I could do in a day. 

So my canvas lingered, along with other major parts of my life. I don't remember much of the last half of winter and most of spring. I was worried that you wouldn't accept the canvas if it was this late BUT I went ahead and finished it and put it out into the World anyways. [Editor's Note: We wouldn't DREAM of refusing a canvas past the deadline! Creativity is creativity is creativity. If any of you who are reading have a canvas past the deadline and are wondering if it will still be accepted, the answer is YES! Send it in!!!] I hope that it's was okay to do so. I left it at my Dentist's office, took some pics and "kissed it good-bye"! I am glad that I did this though and appreciate the work that you have put into the project.

p.s. I have surgery tomorrow to get the tumours OUT!!! Wish me luck!

Let's all send Ginny some positive vibes, shall we? Huge amounts of luck to her!!!! Ginny needs to be cancer free NOW! Fingers crossed!!!


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  2. I think I've been to office of that dentist in Calgary before, it just looks very familiar.