Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Canvas #1, Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Here is Canvas #1! I decided that if I was going to ask others to do this, I'd better damn well be willing to do it myself. So I made the first one.

The Message
Well, quite obviously, that I love you! I think it is possible to love someone you don't know. I often have days when I see a stranger do something or act a certain way, and there's no way to describe the feeling other than love.

The Design
I've always wanted to make art out of sprinkles! And the message I wanted to send was a sweet one, so I thought it fit. This art didn't take much artistic talent (I'll do one of those later). All I did was paint glue all over the canvas, stick cardboard letters & a glittery heart on it, then cover the lot in sprinkles. I sprayed everything with a clear spray paint to seal it all in, hopefully.

The Location
I chose Riley Park, a lovely park in Calgary's Kensington/West Hillhurst neighbourhood. Riley Park has huge trees, a playground that is never empty, and a wading pool that's pretty popular in the summertime. And a cricket pitch!

I just hope it doesn't rain and ruin the art!

I put it on a picnic table under a tree, so hopefully it'll be okay.

Who Am I?
I'm Erin, the creator of the Blank Canvas Project, and
I love you!

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